How To Get That Extra Space

Decluttering your space will give you such good results that you will make sure you do it again and again.

If you constantly find yourself with no space to stuff your items or newly brought things you might find this article worth reading. Many of us tend to stuff our space with nonessential items. Due to our tight schedules we are unable to find time to clear out the house. But it is a must. So, once you get some time to yourself, make sure you clear out the area to get some space. Here are some things you can do to get rid of the unimportant articles.

Pick out the unessentials

Let’s start with the basic. Go through all the items in your household and figure out what haven’t been used in months or years and what is not needed any more. Make checklist of all the items you find. That way it is much easier. It would be better to create a checklist with 2 columns; one which includes items that can be used again and another with items that are in a bad condition. Once you have done that, it will be easy to go with the next steps.


Here is one very good way to get rid of your items. Go to that column which includes the items that you can reuse again. Now, you can donate these items. Get some storage boxes and put the items separately. Once you have done that, make sure you tape the boxes and label them clearly. Have separate item lists for each box. This way it will make it easier for you and the persons you are giving them to. Also, pack the boxes neatly in a well organized manner. You don’t want the next person to get the items in an unpleasant form. You can donate these items to people who are in need of things or a charity organization.


If you find some items remaining in the reusable column or if you do not want to donate the items you can sell them. Having a yard sale is one way. Or else you can sell them online using websites like eBay or amazon. This can include the customers of foreign countries. So, you can get the help of a storage pods Newcastle to ship them off. This way you get to earn some extra cash by getting rid of the unneeded items